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When it comes to online gambling blackjack has been one game that always is called into question. How can you trust that it’s fair, and not rigged for the advantage of the house? Well, the short answer is, that it probably does favor the house, but not any more than the physical game.

When it comes to online games of chance like blackjack it’s tempting to believe in the boogeyman hiding right behind the screen. The temptation to believe games are changing outcomes to unfairly weigh hands for the house. This, however, couldn’t be farther from the truth for licensed and regulated games.

Regulation and Licensed Casinos

Legal casinos must operate under regulatory bodies in the United States. These agencies are here to keep gaming fair for players. Regulator bodies such as the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement exist to uphold fairness and protect players. Agencies do this by performing regular audits on casinos and icasino games to ensure fairness for the player. This is why you should only gamble at legal casinos to ensure you’re not going to be ripped off.

Games are often play-tested rigorously to ensure randomness and payout odds.

How Online Blackjack Works

Online blackjack relies on Random Number Generation (RNG) to virtually shuffle cards. It’s a common system across the gaming industry to create unpredictable outcomes. Each hand played is an independent event unaffected by the results of the prior hand. The winning percentage for players remains the same as the physical version of the game.

This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a downside to online blackjack compared to the physical version. With each hand being a unique experience the cards are always coming from a “fresh” deck. If you’re a player who wants to count cards, or just have a good sense of what cards have been played, you lose that advantage.

Player Bias vs Reality

It can be easy to find yourself on the losing end of a cold streak where the cards aren’t falling your way to believe it’s predestined to happen that way. Whereas in reality, people tend to perceive their losses as more impactful than their wins. So when a player is losing multiple hands in a row, it can be easy to view it as statistically improbable, but it may just be bad luck.


Even when it feels rigged, it’s not. Online blackjack provides fair odds for players at the same rate the physical game does. Even though players may lose some edge compared to the physical game, they statistically have the same odds. With an army of regulators and auditing, you can feel confident that next time you’re losing playing online blackjack, it’s because of bad luck, and not bad technology.

Mitchell Lebrun

Mitchell Lebrun is the head of content at EatWatchGamble, working directly with our team of writers to ensure EWG is the ultimate casino resource. Mitchell is an Oregon State grad and avid NBA fan.

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