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Before casinos existed as official gambling houses, people gathered in rooms as far back as the 17th century to gamble. Sadly, these “gambling rooms” were not legalized until the 1900s, leading many people to believe that their activities were illegal. There began the many myths about gambling

Today, there are even more myths about gambling. From funny casino rituals to logical systems of winning, there is a long list of gambling myths. This piece examines some of the most popular gambling myths and separates facts from friction.

#1 Casino Games Are Rigged

Have you ever heard the saying, “The house always wins?” Well, this phrase was coined to describe how the casino, regardless of the outcome of any game or the success of gamblers, will make a net profit in the long run. A casino is a business, and the owner, like every other business owner, intends to make a profit. Hence, the casino’s games and operations are designed to give the casino an edge. Now, this is not the same thing as “rigging,” as rigging refers to changing the general rules of the game to favor the casino.

Licensed casinos are required by the regulatory body within the jurisdiction where they operate to maintain transparency and fairness in their operations. There are gambling laws that ensure that casinos use a random number generator (RNG) in every slot game and ensure transparency of table games. These casinos are also subject to regular audits and testing to ensure that the players have a fair chance at winning.

#2 Gambling is Pure Luck

Well, not all myths are completely false, some are based on consistent evidence, and this is one of such. For games like slots and roulette, there is very little a player can do to determine the outcome of the games. Hence, these games are mostly based on chance (luck). However, casino games like poker, and blackjack are a different ball game. To play and maybe win a poker or blackjack game, the gambler would have some level of skill, experience, and a general knowledge of the value of the cards.

#3 Gambling is an Ideal Way to Make Money

While gambling may seem like an easy alternative to making money, statistics have shown that it is not a sustainable way to make money. While some players have been lucky to win the “jackpot” more players will probably never make a substantial win on any gambling site. Since the game is designed to give the house the edge, the probability of making sustainable earnings at a casino is slim.

Gambling should be perceived as a form of entertainment and not a means of livelihood. The variables of gambling are too fragile to base one’s income on. Perceiving gambling as a good way to make money is one of the major factors that cause gambling addictions.

#4 I Can Win Back the Money I’ve Lost Gambling

This myth is often associated with people who think they can win back the money they have lost gambling if they keep at it for long enough to change their “luck,” and those who think an “almost win” is a sign that they will win the next time they gamble. None of these perceptions is based on logic or facts. Hence, this myth falls through.

The outcome of every bet is independent of the outcome of previous bets. Thus, you cannot win the money lost in a previous bet or influence the outcome of future bets.

#5 Casinos Don’t Pay Out

This myth can be traced to the prevalence of fake online casinos. Since these casinos were intended to scam unsuspecting gamblers, they never pay out. There are also newbies who peddle this myth because they were unable to access their welcome bonuses or promotions. This is often because they didn’t read or understand the casino’s terms and conditions.

All licensed casinos are mandated to pay out any gamblers winnings, or else they will be penalized by the gambling regulator. It is therefore impossible for licensed casinos not to payout a gambler’s winnings.

Mitchell Lebrun

Mitchell Lebrun is the head of content at EatWatchGamble, working directly with our team of writers to ensure EWG is the ultimate casino resource. Mitchell is an Oregon State grad and avid NBA fan.

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