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Although smartphones and tablets have stolen much of the gaming spotlight nowadays, land-based casinos remain unrivaled in terms of the overall experience they offer. Interestingly, one of the factors that give retail gambling locations the edge is the sheer beauty and magnificence of the structures.

Casinos aren’t random buildings packed full of cards, tables, and slot machines. They are massive edifices, sometimes spanning the breadth of a small township. So, have you ever wondered what the biggest casino structure in the world is? We’ll do you nine better. Below are ten of the world’s current largest casinos and resorts.

Casinò Di Campione – Lugano, Italy (590,000 square feet)

Not only is Casinò di Campione a mammoth structure, but it is also one of the oldest casinos to ever exist in Europe. It was established in 1917 but only moved to its current location off the shores of Lake Lugano in 2007. Designed by Mario Botta, the property accommodates 56 gaming tables and 500+ slot machines. Casino di Campione has had its fair share of controversies, the latest of which was its closure in 2019 due to bankruptcy, and eventual re-opening in 2022.

The Venetian Macao – Macau, China (550,000 square feet)

Ranking as Asia’s largest casino and the world’s second biggest according to gaming area, the Venetian Macao sits on a mind-blowing 10,500,000 total space. It has only 550,000 square feet of dedicated gaming area, but that’s more than enough room for its 6,000+ slot machines, 800 tables, and 15,000-capacity events room. The Venetian also has thousands of rooms, Michelin-starred restaurants and a live arena.

WinStar World Casino – Oklahoma, USA (519,000 square feet)

There’s some debate about whether WinStar deserves the crown since it has a total space of 630,800 square feet. However, with only 519,000 square feet of gaming area, there are more resorts worthy of the top spot. The gargantuan complex owned by the Chickasaw Nation delivers 7,500 electronic games, the most of any casino in the world. It is situated in Thackerville, along the Texas-Oklahoma border and boasts a whopping 1,499 hotel rooms.

Wynn Palace – Macau, China (468,000 square feet)

Commonly confused with Wynn Macau, a much smaller structure that fortunately makes this list, Wynn Palace burst onto the casino scene in 2016. With an approximate space of 468,000 square feet, the gigantic monument has room for more than a thousand slot machines, 350 gaming tables and an enchanting performance lake. This is not surprising for a casino that cost an estimated $4.1 billion to set up.

City of Dreams – Macau, China (420,000 square feet)

Still in Macau, City of Dreams sits at the heart of the densely populated city, extending over 420,000 square feet of land. It boasts one of the most exquisite VIP areas on this list, in addition to 1,500+ machines and 500 gaming tables. There’s also the world famous Dancing Water Theatre which conveniently seats 2,000 people.

Galaxy Macau – Macau, China (400,000 square feet)

Dubbed the “icon of innovation,” Galaxy Macau is the undisputed hub of entertainment and gaming. From its high-end theatres to restaurants and a wave pool, there’s enough fun to complement the gambling experience. Its 400,000 square feet of luxury resort space has over 600 slot machines and 2,000+ hotel rooms spanning seven hotels.

Mohegan Sun – Connecticut, USA (364,000 square feet)

Founded in the 1990s by the Mohegan tribe of Connecticut, the Uncasville-based casino offers 6,000 slot machines and 350 tables. One of its most distinct features is the helicopter transport that shuttles between the location and New York City daily. After three renovations in the space of 30 years, the casino resort hosts 1,500 hotel rooms as well as dozens of shops and dining bars.

Foxwoods Resort – Connecticut, USA (340,000 square feet)

Closely following its Connecticut neighbour is Foxwoods Resort, notably the largest U.S. casino from 1992 to 1996 (when the Mohegan Sun was built). Interestingly, the casino’s 340,000 square feet of gaming area is nothing compared to the total 9,000,000 square feet of space available. Foxwoods is bursting with activity, thanks to its 3,400 slot machines and 250 gaming tables. Since inception, the casino has recorded more than $4 billion in revenue and played host to over 300 million visitors.

Wynn Macau – Macau, China (294,000 square feet)

Remember Wynn Palace from five places above? Well, Wynn Macau is also based in the same Chinese region and is owned by the same Wynn Resorts. The official website of the casino reports that it has 294,000 square feet of casino space that offers round-the-clock gaming service. In addition, the iconic edifice is packed with numerous public attractions and two luxury hotels with a little over 1,000 rooms.

Ponte 16 Resort Macau – (270,000 square feet)

Last on this list, but definitely still bigger than a ton of other casinos is Ponte 16 Resort. The Asian-based gambling location is situated within Macau’s Inner Harbor. Despite the predominant Oriental theme of casinos in the region, Ponte 16 opts for a rather distinct French motif. It has 307 slot machines, 109 tables and 19 exclusive mansions.

Final Thoughts

Land-based casinos are much more than the games. The sights and bustle are features that technology will never take away. Fancy a luxurious gambling experience on a big budget? Then consider any of the large casinos listed here. And with five of them in Macau alone, this may be your sign to vacation in the ever-lively region.

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