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You might play poker here and there on various online casino sites, but are you any good?  This guide will help you develop an online poker strategy that wins hands!  We updated it for the latest strategies in !

Online poker rose to popularity thanks to the World Series of Poker debut in 2004. People across the country began their own poker tournaments for other recreational players.

Along with the rise of the game came an explosion of online poker websites. Those have only grown since, spiking again during the pandemic. Online poker became a common hobby in 2020 and has only grown as online gambling continues to become legal. This has led people to scour the internet for online poker strategy tips to help improve their game.

We’ve compiled some of our top poker tips to help you improve your experience playing online poker. Since you are playing people, your poker strategy differs from poker professionals in Vegas.

If you are looking for tips and basic poker strategy to improve your online game, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of our online poker strategy tips that can help you to start playing poker like a pro.

Online Poker Strategy Tips

Unlike many other casino games, poker involves a lot of skills that can help improve your chances of winning. While there are plenty of in-depth poker tips, let’s start with some basic poker strategy tips.

Make sure you understand the rules for online poker games.

Poker is one of the oldest casino games in the world and has hundreds of different versions. While many have similar gameplay styles, they each have a different set of rules that you need to know. Playing online poker cash games you aren’t familiar with can lead to quick and painful losses. Most sites offer detailed descriptions of the gameplay and rules for each style of poker game.

Play fewer speculative hands.

Nothing is more boring than playing fewer hands during online poker games. It takes time and can be painful when you fold a hand that would have won. However, it is critical to carefully assess every hand before placing your bet. Even if you’re the big blind, folding a bad hand can save you from spending money chasing one more card to win the pot. If you get a hand you dislike, it’s safer to fold than hope for a late win.

Always watch your opponent’s poker strategy.

One big drawback of playing at an online poker table is that you can’t see your opponents while you play. Some games offer an option to use a camera, but it’s still challenging to look for tells and read other players’ emotions. Instead, carefully watch how they are playing. Studying a player’s actions can tip you off to their poker strategy and help you gain an edge.

Play aggressive poker early.

A solid preflop poker strategy is always wise when you have a solid hand. While some players will try and slowly play an excellent hand to create enticing pot odds, this leaves you open to getting beat on the flop or the river. If you have a good hand, play aggressive poker early to be sure those cards get you a win.

Have an aggressive bluffing strategy

Bluffing is a vital part of any poker strategy when playing cash games. Online poker sites make this easier by allowing you to hide and physical tells. Take advantage of this with a solid bluffing strategy to improve your odds of winning the pot. Just be sure to remain calm and focused while doing so to avoid overplaying your hand and losing big.

Pay attention to your position at the table.

Always track where the dealer is for each hand, as it can help determine how aggressive to get when raising a bet. The further you are from the dealer, the more players you can watch place their bets. This can tip you off to their strategy and how they feel about the cards that they have. If you are one of the first to bet a hand, you won’t have a read on the other players. Knowing where you are at a table can help make you a profitable poker player.

Have a firm bankroll management system in place.

Before you play online poker cash games, always know how much you can spend. A solid bankroll management system can help prevent significant losses from emotional betting. Playing poker online can be incredibly fun but also frustrating. Being beat on a flush draw is one of the most annoying things that can happen when you play poker. A proper bankroll management system can help prevent those emotions from affecting your wallet.

Online Poker Tournament Poker Strategy

While many of the above online poker strategy tips also apply to poker tournaments, there are differences to account for. Here are a few poker tips for playing in online tournaments.

Play solid poker early.

This may sound like one of the most obvious poker tips on this list, but it’s critical for playing in tournaments. Unlike at a typical table, tournaments require you to play until you win or lose all of your chips. Think of poker tournaments as a marathon rather than a sprint.

Enter the pot with a raise early.

Building a solid bank of chips is the key to winning online poker tournaments. Many players like slow playing at the beginning of a tournament, so raising when you enter the pot could encourage them to fold. This can help build up your chip count so you can bully them later on. Just be sure to avoid doing so with a weak hand.

Be selective when playing a poker hand.

Aggressively betting a weak hand is a quick way to blow through your chips. While betting and bluffing early can be effective at a standard poker table, it can lead to an early exit during a tournament. Choose your hands carefully, but play them aggressively when you do.

Never show your hand if you don’t have to

This may be the most important thing to remember when you play poker in a tournament. Showing your hand after the other players fold gives them insight into your betting strategy. This shows them how you play a relatively weak hand versus a winning hand. It’s a lousy habit whenever you play cash games, but especially bad for tournaments where the players remain the same.

Online Poker Strategy FAQs

If you still have questions about online poker or the strategy tips above, we have you covered. Here are some of the most common questions we get along with their answers.

Are online poker sites safe?

Many reputable online poker sites offer cash games, but that’s not always true. Always look for user reviews before choosing a site to play poker online. If you are still wary, check out this list of top online casino apps.

What is the best poker tip for a cash game?

This can vary by the game and person, but the most important tip to remember for playing a cash game is to play solid and aggressive poker. If you make emotional bets or are too timid, you’ll be run out of a poker cash game.

Should I always bet pocket aces?

Pocket aces offer very enticing pot odds, so we recommend playing them aggressively early. Just reassess your post-flop betting based on how other players respond.

Is online poker legal?

Yes, but cash games are restricted to states and territories where online gambling is legal.

Are low-stakes games worth it?

Absolutely! Low-stakes games can still win you money and can provide a great way to improve your game.

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