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One of the most iconic casinos in the world, the Bellagio could be set for an expansion in the coming year. MGM submitted a proposal to Clarke County to start the groundwork to expand the casino. With little public about the exact details of the expansion here is what we do know. The plans call for an all-new retail and dining space near the entrance of the Bellagio overlooking the fountain. With Marnell Architecture leading the design work, we’ll likely be receiving new details in the coming weeks.

Other Bellagio News

This announcement comes at an interesting time following the purchase of a narrow stretch of lands between the Cosmopolitan and Bellagio. MGM purchased 1.64 acres for an astounding price tag of 54 million dollars. Though it is unlikely this stretch of land will be involved in the Mojave project, it signals a growing investment into the historic resort. This is only the latest investment with a huge 110 million dollar improvement made to the Bellagio’s Spa Tower finishing up last year. With other smaller renovations underway, MGM is set on keeping Bellagio as a flagship resort.

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