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With the National Hockey League (NHL) playoffs underway, Caesars Entertainment is raising the stakes for hockey fans. In a partnership with the NHL, the hotel and casino entertainment company has launched “Caesars NHL Blackjack,” a live-dealer game. Currently, the game is only available to Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania customers.

Combining the thrill of hockey and the excitement of casino gaming, the game features the NHL Shield and a playing table in the shape of a hockey rink. This partnership is set to redefine the gaming experience for people passionate about hockey and positively impact the iGaming industry.

Caesars Palace Online Casino latest to get into NHL-themed games

The integration of sports and gambling has become increasingly popular, and Caesars Entertainment has been at the forefront, pushing boundaries and introducing new concepts. The NHL-themed live dealer blackjack is yet another testament to their commitment to making the iGaming industry better.

“Customizing our online casino offering to provide experiences true to the Caesars brand remains a key area of focus for us,” stated Matt Sunderland, SVP and Chief iGaming Officer at Caesars Digital. “The launch of Caesars NHL Blackjack is an exciting moment that enhances our ability to provide our players with an eye-catching game custom to their interests.”

The launch of the game is the next step in the partnership between the NHL and Caesars. Last month, both parties made a deal to ensure Caesar remained as the official sports betting and gaming partner of the league. Also, as part of the partnership, Caesars Rewards (loyalty program) will be featured in NHL broadcasts during the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Evolution — The brains behind the NHL-Themed Live Dealer Blackjack

Wondering how Ceasars Entertainment was able to create the game? Well, the answer is “ Evolution.” When announcing the release of the live dealer blackjack, Caesars’ team mentioned that the game was a brainchild of Evolution Game Studio. For those unfamiliar with the iGaming industry, Evolution is an award-winning game designer known for quality slot and table games.

The launch of the game shows Evolution’s dedication to crafting quality entertainment genres. Also, timed with the start of the NHL playoffs, the launch of this game showcases Evolution’s strategic approach to fan engagement. The game has everything and more for a hockey fan, including the NHL Shield, as well as “an eye-catching icy blue hockey rink felt design,” according to Evolution Gaming.

The impact of NHL Blackjack on Caesars’ online casino income

The release of the NHL-themed blackjack game in Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania is good for business. This move could result in a rise in the company’s income generation in the coming months.

Hockey is one of the most popular sports in the USA, and the partnership with the NHL would see Caesars Entertainment attract new clients, especially from places where the sport is number one.

Given that online casinos are only legal in six states, it may not quickly reflect on the company’s earnings. If Caesars Entertainment eventually decides to branch out to the remaining states, then it will bolster the operator’s revenue.

Final Thoughts

The partnership between the NHL and Caesars Entertainment is a game-changer for the iGaming industry. The playoffs season might have just begun, but the fun that which Ceaser Entertainment is bringing to your screen is just starting.

Aside from impacting the NHL fan base that loves table games such as blackjack, it could potentially open the door to more partnerships. Now, we can expect major sports such as basketball and baseball to collaborate with casinos to produce creative games.

Mitchell Lebrun

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