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When casinos were established, it was not uncommon to find players with different cigars and cigarettes enjoying their favorite games. However, due to lockdown restrictions in 2020, players had to wear masks in public places, including casinos. Hence, there were no cigars or cigarettes in casinos.

It appears that as soon as lockdown restrictions were lifted, many casinos in Pennsylvania lifted the ban on smoking. However, Parx Casino’s in Bensalem and Shippensburg have maintained a policy on no smoking. Mohegan Pennsylvania has appeared to follow Parx’s lead with the launch of its smoke-free Aristocrat Gaming Lounge at Wilkes-Barre on Friday, April 24, 2024.

Although Mohegan Pennsylvania is not completely a smoke-free casino, its partnership with Aristocrat to create a smoke-free lounge is part of its effort to provide an exceptional gaming experience. This comes amidst the continued debate across the country on casino smoking policies.

What to Expect at the New Smoke-Free Gambling Lounge

Mohegan Pennsylvania launched its online casino brand a few weeks ago, while Aristocrat has made major changes in its management over the last three months. From appointing Matthew Primmer as its new CPO to Anne Tucker as its Company Secretary, the gaming industry has been anticipating Aristocrat’s partnership with more casinos. While the partnership between Mohegan Pennsylvania and Aristocrat may have been unpredictable, especially after Aristocrat acquired NeoGames earlier in April, many players have described this as a pleasant partnership.

The smoke-free Aristocrat Gaming Lounge is situated at the entrance of Mohegan, Pennsylvania. The lounge is about 2,000 sq. ft. with 55 slot machines. Players can access classics like Buffalo, Dragon Link, and Lightning Link at the Lounge. Other modern slot additions include Mo’ Mummy, Triple Supreme Extreme, and Whisker Wheels.

To further increase the players’ gaming thrill, the lounge is designed with intriguing artworks that portray Aristocrat’s slot characters. The beauty of the lounge is further upscaled with its unique lighting effects. To keep players informed of various gaming content, the lounge is designed with smart LCD video panels.

In line with the words of Mohegan, Pennsylvania’s president, Tony Carlucci, in a press release, the casino is committed to providing its client’s exceptional gaming experience by protecting its smoke-free lounge from the rest of the gaming floor. The new lounge does not come into contact with the 67,000 sq. ft. section with over 1,500 slots and 60+ table games with no smoking restrictions.

With the new arrangement at Mohegan, Pennsylvania, any player can find their preferred section to enjoy their favorite games. It’s, however, important to gamble responsibly.

Final Thoughts

It’s great that Mohegan, Pennsylvania, is open to different players, irrespective of their perspective on smoking in casinos. However, the launch of the Aristocrat lounge is a reflection of the continued debate on smoke-free casinos in Pennsylvania and the country at large.

While some groups have called for full smoke-free casinos, some states are in the process of voting a bill to ban smoking in casinos. In New Jersey, for instance, the bill was documented to protect casino employees after their protest in 2022. In Pennsylvania, the bill “Protecting Workers from Secondhand Smoke Act” is on the House floor as casino employees patiently await the outcome of the legislative process.

Until the House reaches a legislative conclusion on the matter, players are positive that more casinos will follow the path of Mohegan Pennsylvania with two gambling sections. This way more players are encouraged to participate in various gaming activities. We can expect to see more hybrid casinos across the state in the coming months.

Emily Davis

Emily has a deep understanding of the gambling industry's regulatory landscape. With over 12 years of experience, she keeps readers informed about changes in legislation that affect both online and brick-and-mortar casinos.

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