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Since 1989, the Mirage Hotel and Casino has been hosting some of Nevada’s biggest events, and now in 2024, the resort is set to be closed finally. The casino is operated by Hard Rock International, and owned by Vici Properties.

Hard Rock International recently made the announcement that has been coming for some time now. They announced that on July 17, 2024, the Mirage Hotel and Casino will officially cease operations to make way for a new resort.

After operating for about 35 years, it’s difficult to part with an establishment that became such an important part of the entertainment industry. The 3,000-room hotel was opened by Steve Wynn in 1989 along with a casino structure to create the beautiful resort. If there’s one thing the Mirage resort will be remembered for, it will be the iconic volcano, dancing fountains, and canals that every visitor loved to look at.

Aside from the volcano, the resort also had an animal habitat and a tropical forest as side attractions. These features are not what you’d ordinarily see in a Nevada resort, but they were what made the Mirage so much more attractive to visitors.

Hard Rock Hotel

In 2019, Hard Rock International began making moves towards acquiring the Mirage hotel and casino from Vici Properties with the goal of building a new Hard Rock Resort. After years of working on the terms of the agreement, both sides agreed to a sale for $1.075 billion in 2021, and the deal was finalized in 2022.

Normally, a switch in ownership or a renovation will not affect the actual nature of the resort, but this time it will. Hard Rock’s vision of building its own resort is different from the way the Mirage hotel is built presently. In fact, the resort is being closed down so the complete overhaul that the new owners are planning can be sped up and the resort can be up and running again in 2027.

Expected Changes

One of the big changes to the new structure is that the volcano will be demolished and replaced with a guitar-shaped hotel tower. The construction of the tower is not to delete all memories of Mirage, but it is to make more space to accommodate guests in the resort.

The tower was meant to go as high as 998 feet, however that proposal was rejected by the city. Now, it is going to be about 660 feet in height and accommodate 596 rooms. With this increased capacity, if the hotel is able to keep pulling guests will translate to more profit for Hard Rock International.

When the renovations are done, most of the features that people used to identify the Mirage resort would have been removed to make way for new Hard Rock trademarks. More than just the structures, when the hotel is officially closed down in July, thousands of staff of the Mirage Hotel and Casino would lose their jobs. It won’t be an easy task for Hard Rock International either as they claim they will have to pay up to $80 million in severance bonuses. In addition to the severance bonuses, some set of workers like the culinary staff, will have an option of returning to work when the resort reopens.

For guests who have made reservations in the resort beyond July 14, their reservations have been officially canceled. However, the hotel is liable to repay the cost of the reservations. Also, since the Mirage casino will also be closing down permanently, any unused chips will expire once the resort shuts down. Even though the resort will be closed, Hard Rock has given holders 120 days after the official closing date to redeem their chips at Treasure Island.

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