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The Best Slot Games Available on DraftKings

Lucas Grant EatWatchGambleWritten by:
Updated: February 28th, 2024

Did you know that DraftKings has some of the best slots of any online casino?  That’s right!  They have hundreds of different slot games.  Don’t worry; we’ve put together a list of the best slot games available on DraftKings.

While DraftKings has made a name for itself from its industry-leading sportsbook, their online casino is one of the best you will find. They offer a wide variety of casino games available, with plenty of online slots.

If you are looking to play online slot games on DraftKings, we have you covered. We have reviewed all of their online slots and ranked them based on factors such as winning potential, difficulty, and overall entertainment. While each player has their own preferences, here is our list of the best slots on DraftKings.

DraftKings Casino Logo
DraftKings Casino
Play $5 to Get $100 in Casino Credits
21+ to play. Please gamble responsibly. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.
Golden Nugget Casino Logo
Golden Nugget Casino
New players deposit $5 + Get $50 in Casino Credits
21+ to play. Please gamble responsibly. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.
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Caesars Palace Casino
$2,500 Deposit Bonus + $10 Site Credit
21+ to play. Please gamble responsibly. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.

Neptune Waves of Wonder

The Neptune Waves of Wonder slot game from DraftKings is a fun and innovative online game that offers players the chance to test their luck in an exciting virtual environment. The game rules are simple: Players must match colors, symbols, and shapes in order to win. As you progress through the levels, new bonus games are added, making it even more exciting!

We love playing the Neptune Waves of Wonder slot game from DraftKings because it keeps us on our toes and provides a lot of fun. As we progress through the levels, new bonus games are added, making it an even more exciting experience. The graphics and visuals are really nice, with bright colors and cool symbols that make it feel like an authentic casino experience – it’s truly a great way to pass the time while having some fun too.

American Treasures

DraftKings American Treasures slot game is an awesome way to win some cash and has some fun! It’s a great game for both beginners and experts, as it features simple rules that are easy to understand yet still offer lots of exciting opportunities. You’ll find yourself spinning the reels in anticipation as you progress through levels to unlock even more bonus games. Plus, the graphics and visuals are stunning – the bright colors pop, making it feel like we’re playing in a real casino. Of all of the progressive games, this is one of our favorites.

NHL Slapshot

We love playing the NHL Slapshot slot game from DraftKings because it provides a thrilling online casino experience for those that love hockey. The rules are easy to understand, but with increasing levels, there are plenty of challenges. When you score a goal, so to say, you’ll get a bonus round or two, which keeps you wanting more. Plus, the visuals don’t disappoint – colorful symbols are brought to life with crisp animations, making it truly feel like an authentic NHL experience. With bonus games for extra points, we can’t get enough of this dynamic and exciting game. Even those that aren’t huge NHL fans think this is one of the best slots at Draftkings casino.

Loki’s Luck

When it comes to online casino entertainment, Loki’s Luck from DraftKings definitely delivers. It’s an exciting game that combines the mythic world of Vikings with the thrills of a slot machine. The rules are easy to understand, and there are plenty of opportunities for players to progress through levels and unlock bonus games. It is visually stunning, too – Viking symbols come to life with bright colors, making it truly feel like you’re taking a journey into another realm! We appreciate this unique game’s thrilling nature, allowing us to take a break from reality and explore one full of myths and adventures!

Other Games From DraftKings

While the games we mentioned are popular and exciting ways to play Draftkings casino slots online, there are tons more options to pick from that have high RTP percentages, free spins feature, wild symbols to help create more wins, and offer other bonus features. These can still be enjoyed either from the DraftKings website or on the DraftKings casino app.


One of the best slot games to play when you’re in the mood for progressive jackpots is the Mega Jackpots version of Cleopatra. One of the older slot games around, the nostalgia resonates with players, and as progressive games go, it’s still a fun one to play.

This themed game offers beautiful Egyptian elements, including scarabs, the eye of Horus, and other icons. Place a bet, and spin for a chance to win Cleopatra symbols and free spins that offer a 3x value. With this game, you could win a mega jackpot prize, and it offers wild symbols that help increase your chances of winning.

This classic slot game is still popular for a reason, between the free spins, wild symbols, and other features, Cleopatra is a DraftKings slot any player will love.

Blood Suckers I & II

Both of these DraftKings casino games make our list as some of the best slot games available on their website or mobile app. Both versions of this game were created by the well-known NetENT and offer some of the highest RTP percentages of slot games on the site.

Blood Suckers I has older graphics but offers an RTP of 98%, so your chances of winning while playing this online slot game are higher than with other slot games from DraftKings. In fact, you won’t find many others with this high of an RTP anywhere else, either. Take advantage of the free spins and odds multipliers to win real money playing slots.

Blood Suckers II offers a more average RTP of 96.9%, so while it’s not as impressive as the original in that regard, the graphics and setup are more modern, with tons of new features. Plus, you can still win big with this slot game because of all the multipliers and free spins you can win while playing.

How to Start Playing Slots on DraftKings Casino

One of the benefits of using the DraftKings Casino app or desktop site is the ease of getting started. Signing up is quick and will allow you to start playing slots quickly.

Just follow these steps to get started playing slots on DraftKings Casino.

  1. Download the DraftKings Casino app or visit their site.
  2. Click on the green “Log In | Sign Up” button
  3. Enter your information as requested.
  4. Click “create account.”
  5. Make your initial deposit

Signing up for the DraftKings Casino is that easy. Once your account is created, you’ll be able to choose from their wide selection of slot games.

Before you start, check out the current listing of promos offered for the DraftKings Casino. They offer welcome bonuses, including a deposit bonus, free spins, or other promotions to boost your bankroll before placing your first bet.

Tips for Playing DraftKings Casino Slots

Now that you know how to start playing slots on DraftKings Casino, you are ready to take your first spins. Before you do, check out some of our tips to help maximize your DraftKings slots experience.

Always check for bonuses

DraftKings Casino offers some of the most competitive promotions in the industry. For their online slot games, they offer deposit matches, free spins, bonus games, and more. You will need a promo code or special link to use these, which can be found on our site. Adding these promotions can help give you a headstart before taking your first spin.

Understand the rules of the slot game you choose

No matter which games you choose, know exactly how to play. While most slot games operate the same, each has a unique gameplay that can allow you to add to your winnings. You can earn things like free spins, access to bonus rounds, and or an unlimited win multiplier. Playing a slot game that you don’t know without reading the rules can lead to blowing through your bankroll quickly.

Don’t let free spins go to waste

You can win free spins when playing online slot games on the DraftKings Casino. When you do, be sure to use them quickly, as some come with an expiration date. While you haven’t spent real money on these free spins, you are forfeiting potential winnings when you don’t use them in time.

Manage your bankroll

Online slots don’t carry the same stakes as many other casino games. However, you can still blow through your bankroll. With how easy it is to play slots online, along with the ability to replay the same max bet repeatedly, things can get out of hand quickly. We recommend setting a firm budget to protect yourself from losses you can’t afford.

Check out the different styles of online slots

No one has a better selection of online slots than the DraftKings Casino. If you are looking for a chance to win big, they have plenty of progressive jackpot slots where payouts grow with each spin. If you are new or looking to play for low stakes, check out their low-variance slot games. The payouts will be lower, but the chances of winning are much higher.

If you want a non-traditional slot game, we recommend trying their megaways slots. These games are alternative video slots that offer several different ways to win. Megaways slots do have different rules and gameplay than the others, so be sure you know how to play before getting started.

The Benefits of playing slots on the DraftKings Online Casino

There is no shortage of online casinos available that offer online slot games. While many have sterling reputations, DraftKings Casino offers several benefits that separate them from the competition. Here are a few to remember when choosing an online casino to play slots.

Industry-leading promotions & bonuses

One of the top reasons we love the DraftKings Casino for slot games is their competitive bonuses. They always have one of the best welcome bonuses and offer other ways to earn free spins, free credits, or a deposit bonus.

Over 1,000 online slots to choose from

That is a lot of options to choose from, giving you many different styles of play. Whether you prefer the classic single-line slot games or prefer the excitement of multi-lines, DraftKings will have you covered. They even offer free games to help you learn to play and improve your game.

Variety of payment methods

Another big reason to play DraftKings slots is their wide selection of banking deposit and withdrawal methods. They give you plenty of options to help ensure you are able to deposit or withdraw money from your DraftKings account quickly and easily. They include online bank transfers, credit/debit cards, eWallets, Play+ cards, and many more.

DraftKings Casino fair play is guaranteed.

While sometimes it may feel like casino games can be rigged, DraftKings is transparent about its initiatives to guarantee fair play slots. This includes using random number generators to meet state regulations and ensuring daily winnings. Every time you use a DraftKings slot machine, you know you will get a fair and unbiased result.

Best Way To Play Online Slot Games

DraftKings online casino offers a couple of options for you to play their online slot games and other casino games. You can play from the DraftKings app or desktop site, but when the easier experience is to download the app for iOS or Android. Either way, they offer a sign-up bonus for new members to the online gambling scene.

RTP Percentages

As we mentioned, the best slots on DraftKings or in brick-and-mortar casinos are those with a high RTP. These Return to Player percentages are the number a player will win back from the slot machines. The higher the percentage, the more you’ll win back. Online casinos like DraftKings often list the RTP of a slot game, and you should keep an eye out for those over 96% RTP.

Slots Promo Code

Along with the new player bonus offered by DraftKings for new players they offer multiple other promos as incentive to play slots and other online casino games. After signing up they offer a DraftKings slots promo code that will get you a deposit bonus of up to $2000.

For existing or new players they offer another promo code just for referring a friend. If you invite a friend and they make an account you’ll both receive a $100 bonus just for using that DraftKings slots promo code.

DraftKings Slots FAQ

Is it legal to play slots on DraftKings Casino?

If you live in a state where online gambling is legal, then you can play slot games on the DraftKings Casino. If you are unsure if your state allows online casino games, check out our list of states and rules and regulations.

Are DraftKings slots rigged?

No. DraftKings uses random number generators to ensure you are getting a fair chance to win each time you play an online slot game.

Is the DraftKings Casino safe?

Absolutely. DraftKings is an industry leader in safety for their online casino. When you choose to use DraftKings for slot games, you know your information and money will be protected.

What kind of slot games does the DraftKings Casino offer?

DraftKings has a wide selection of online slots to choose from. They include progressive jackpot slot games, low variance slot games, megaways slots, and even classic slot machines.

Can I play DraftKings slots for free?

DraftKings Casino offers free casino play with several of its promotions, so always keep an eye out.