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Funrize Promo Code: The Best Welcome Bonus in the Industry

Mitchell Lebrun EatWatchGambleWritten by:
Updated: May 6th, 2024
Welcome Offer: 125,000 Coins + Up to 250% Bonus on First Purchase
18+ to play. Please gamble responsibly. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.

Funrize May Welcome Offer

With one of the best welcome offers we’ve seen at EWG, Funrize has set a new bar for what a generous offer looks like. You’ll get 125,000 coins when you sign up for Funrize using our exclusive promo code: Bettorview1

You’ll also receive a boost on your first purchase of coins, you’ll get 700,000 Coins and 2600 entries for purchases over $19.99 or 360,000 Coins and 1440 Entries for a $11.99 purchase. If you’re looking to join a new social casino you can’t go wrong with Funrize and this offer!

How to Use the Promo Code

All you need to do to take advantage of this offer is to be a new user and register at Funrize. Making a new account is simple, and we’ll walk you through the steps here:

  1. Navigate to the “Sign Up” button in the top right-hand corner
  2. Select your sign-up method, Google, Facebook, or with your phone number or email
  3. Provide your information and a password
  4. Enter the Bettorview1 code at the bottom of the form under “Promo Code
  5. Hit “Join Us” and you should be good to go!

Once you’ve signed up you should see the 125,000 coins in your account. You’ll be able to earn more free coins by adding more information to your account. It’s a simple process,  provide your name, date of birth, phone number, and/or email. After you provide that information you’ll see another batch of coins in your account.

Earning the first-time purchase boost is easy. Just make sure you purchase more than $11.99 in coins from the market, and you’ll be automatically given a boost of up to 250% on your purchased amount. The best deal is the $11.99 pack that will give you 360,000 Coins and 1440 entries. From our research, this offer is the best bang for the buck offers on the entire site!

Terms and Conditions of the Funrize Promo

Just like everything else in life these days, there are some requirements to take advantage of this promotion. You just have to meet some minimum requirements to be eligible to register and claim the reward. Primarily you must be over the age of 18 to register for Funrize.

You must also be in a state where Funrize is legal. Luckily, most states allow social casinos but if you’re located in Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, or Michigan you won’t be able to join Funrize. These states currently do not allow social casinos, but if you’re in any other state you’re good to go!

Other than that, if you’re a new user over the age of 18 and not in a restricted state you should have no problem claiming this offer!

Other Promotions on Funrize

Beyond the welcome offer, you’ll be able to find daily offers at Funrize.

Daily Prize Wheel

Don’t miss out on free coins with the wheel! You’ll be able to earn both tournament and promotion coins to use on any of the other games! Be sure to complete your registration with your phone number and email to unlock the wheel! You’ll even upgrade your wheel with the Funrize club rewards just by playing! Earn more rewards the higher your level and unlock higher levels!

Refer A Friend

Have some friends who’d enjoy Funrize, send them a referral and you can both earn extra rewards. Sending a referral is easy, you can send your friend a link or they can scan your QR code. This QR code is located under the “Invite Friends” tab in the menu. You can download the QR code to let people quickly use your referral link.

The offer is worth it too, with the referrer earning 900,000 tournament coins, and 2,500 promotional coins. Your friend will receive 500,000 tournament coins and 500 promotional coins when they sign up using your referral code. The only drawback is that your friend has to purchase at least $19.99 of coin packages to qualify for the reward.

Scratch Offs

Earn rewards are exactly what they sound like. Scratch off cards that you can earn just by playing on Funrize and purchasing coins. You’ll earn points towards a scratch-off card for every purchase you make. When you hit 5000 points you’ll earn the basic scratch mania card that can earn you up to 250,000 coins and 2500 entries. After the basic card, you can earn the enhanced and premium cards for even larger prize jackpots!

Daily Races

Looking to earn some coins or entries while competing against other players? The daily races gives you the chance to win a massive pot of coins or entries. All you have to do is enter and then play any of the supported games. To win all you need to do is play more than your peers on the site, the more you play the larger your share of the pot will be! At the end of the countdown, you’ll receive your reward based on your finishing position.

A Screenshot of the promo page of Funrize. With a constantly rotating set of awesome promos.

How to Redeem Prizes

To redeem your winnings for prizes is simple. First, you’ll need to make sure your account has been verified. You can do this by going into your account and selecting a complete profile. This will prompt you to add information like name, date of birth, email, and phone number. Once you’ve provided that information you’ll also receive 15,000 coins.

When your account has been verified you’ll need to earn enough credits to be able to redeem them. The minimum amount you’ll need is 25, once you’ve hit that point you’ll be eligible for prizes! At the 25 you’ll be able to redeem your winnings for gift cards, but if you’re looking to earn a cash prize you’ll need to save up a bit more. The minimum amount to earn a cash prize is 100.

Keep in mind you’re only allowed to redeem a prize every 72 hours, so if you’re trying to make multiple transactions this may prevent that.

Final Thoughts on the Funrize Offers

The welcome offer is one of the best registration offers we’ve seen for a long time. You’ll earn enough starting coins to play for hours without ever making a purchase. We do recommend you take up the first-time purchase offer though, it’s too good to pass up. Earning up to 250% as a bonus on your first purchase makes it easy to stock up on coins and entries early.

We’ve enjoyed our experience with Funrize during our review process. They provide a great experience for anyone looking to blow off steam and have fun. The game selection will keep you satisfied with the 100s of different titles offered, and the daily bonuses are enough to keep you going on coins. With no purchase required to join or play, there isn’t a downside to giving it a shot!

Must be 18 or older to play based on your location. Please play and enjoy computer games responsibly and in a safe manner. Numerous measures are available to allow you to engage in our games in a fun and responsible way.