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Last year in 2023 Planet Hollywood celebrated its 15th anniversary so it is hard to qualify this joint as a new property but over the past few years it has gone all in on a new format for their electronic table games’ (ETG) pit. While most large casinos at this point have some ETG’s Planet Hollywood’s pit is the largest and most inviting with a good balance of traditional ETG’s with no dealer as well as hybrid ETG’s that also include a dealer.

What is the Appeal of Electronic Table Games?

First, why would anyone want to play an electronic table game instead of the “real thing?” Think of ETG’s as a complement to a traditional table games pit and not something that replaces one. Some people are less intimated by an ETG pit and would rather learn the game of craps in a one-on-one experience versus at a table with a group of gamblers who have little empathy for mistakes or bad luck.

Same could be said about blackjack, roulette, or any number of table games.

Another compelling feature for some is no dealer. Casino managers and owners would hope all their dealers are friendly, fun, and pleasant to look at – but let’s be real, that isn’t always the case. Maybe a dealer is having a bad day or on the other end of the spectrum is being too chatty like an overzealous hairdresser and the gambler just wants some peace and quiet – this is when an ETG is looking appealing.

Then there is the issue of tipping. How much should one tip a live dealer? Well, if you are feeling a little cheap (not something this author ever suggested being) then an electronic table game does not expect tips – even after big wins.

Planet Hollywood’s Hybrid ETG Pit

The new trend in the industry is the hybrid electronic tables games pit which has both autonomous ETG’s as well as those run by a dealer.

The benefit of these hybrid pits is one can get a live dealer experience (some people find live dealers to be more credible and authentic than a random number generator) but still sit at a distance.

The house likes them because one dealer can deal to far more gamblers than at a single traditional table.

At Planet Hollywood, they include all of the above. And to make matters better, they have incorporated the “sexy dealer” into the ETG pit. We realize that might not be for everyone, but this is Vegas so no shame in desiring a sexy dealer – especially one with such a friendly personality like those at Planet Hollywood.

When I visited Planet Hollywood this trip it was a Monday midday, and the joint was surprisingly busy. The 8-pod roulette ETG had six players. There is also an Interblock pit of Blackjack, Crapless Craps, and Roulette that have two-seater “love seats.”

For those gamblers coming to Vegas with their loved ones – as opposed to those coming to Vegas looking for love in all the wrong places – these two-person seats are a great way to gamble as a team. Funny enough this trip I saw three pairs of friendly women playing side by side. Seems like a nice bonding experience.

Chris Angel Mikfreak

Experience Outside of the ETG Pit

If ETG’s aren’t your thing there are plenty of other reasons to come to Planet Hollywood. There are plenty of live dealers and a pretty good video poker bar called the Extra Lounge. Sure, the games are not 9/6 (this isn’t a local joint) but the bar is comfortable with plenty of seats and a friendly gaming bartender.

The high limit room is a bit tired, but I think the market may be jaded with the amazing new high limit room at Red Rock or Durango.

There are some great restaurants including The Strip House – straight from 44th Street in New York City. Planet Hollywood is the home of Chris Angel’s MINDFREAK Magic Show where I took my now teenage son a few years ago when he was still in his magic phase. He’s no longer into magic which I don’t think was because of Chris Angel but said he wouldn’t mind going back to check out the background dancers. While the show isn’t “inappropriate” for the kids I wouldn’t categorize it as a family show.

Finally, Planet Hollywood is owned by Caesars Entertainment and therefore any member of Caesars Rewards won’t mind earning “Rewards for every way you play” as the Emperor says.

Mr. Vegas

Mr. Vegas is a lifelong Las Vegas resident and seasoned casino industry professional with a discerning eye for detail. With a deep understanding of what makes a casino stand out, he reviews everything from the casino floor to dining and entertainment options. In his blog, he shares candid insights and experiences from his visits to various casino resorts, offering invaluable tips for anyone looking to elevate their casino experience.

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