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In the sprawling expanse of culinary wonders that is the Wynn Las Vegas, Allegro stands as a beacon of understated excellence. Nestled conveniently adjacent to the Wynn Sports Book, this Italian gem offers more than just sumptuous cuisine; it provides a haven for sports enthusiasts who refuse to compromise on quality dining. 

Chef Enzo Febbraro, the mastermind behind Allegro, channels his Neapolitan roots into every dish, crafting a menu that pays homage to the comforting flavors of his upbringing. Among the classics that grace Allegro’s menu, the veal parmigiana, and the thin wood stone pizzas reign supreme, captivating palates with their authenticity and finesse.

But Allegro isn’t merely about the food—it’s about the experience. Picture this: it’s week two of the NCAA tournament, and the air is electric with anticipation. Your family craves a memorable dining experience, yet you refuse to sacrifice the thrill of the games. Enter Allegro, where the convergence of gastronomic delights and sporting excitement is seamless.

As you step off the casino floor, your senses are immediately greeted by the inviting aromas wafting from Allegro’s kitchen. The ambiance is vibrant yet intimate, allowing for lively conversation while keeping a watchful eye on the multiple large screens broadcasting the day’s matchups. Whether you’re indulging in a leisurely dinner or catching a quick glimpse of the game, Allegro’s proximity to the sportsbook ensures that you never miss a beat.

For the discerning sports bettor, convenience is key. Allegro understands this implicitly. Park atop the Wynn self-park garage — three hours of complimentary parking await — and take a leisurely stroll to the casino level. A quick left turn, and you find yourself at the threshold of culinary bliss, with Allegro beckoning with open arms.

Tonight, as you settle into your table, the excitement of the NCAA tournament pulses through the air. Your gaze drifts effortlessly between your delectable meal and the enthralling games playing out on the screens. And when the urge strikes to check on the latest odds, a mere few steps separate you from the bustling energy of the sportsbook.

Yes, perhaps you could have checked the lines on your app, but where’s the fun in that when the heart of the action lies just a stone’s throw away? Allegro offers not just a dining experience but a symphony of flavors and excitement, where every bite is complemented by the thrill of the game.

As the tournament progresses, you may find yourself drawn back to the hallowed halls of the Wynn, seeking refuge from the chaos of the Sweet Sixteen. And while the allure of a corned beef sandwich from Charlie’s may tempt you, the siren song of Allegro promises an experience unlike any other — a tantalizing blend of culinary mastery and sporting fervor.

In a city where extravagance knows no bounds, Allegro stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of exceptional cuisine and the unbridled excitement of sports betting. So, the next time you find yourself torn between indulging your epicurean desires and catching the game of the season, remember: at Allegro, you can have your cake — and bet on it too.

Mr. Vegas

Mr. Vegas is a lifelong Las Vegas resident and seasoned casino industry professional with a discerning eye for detail. With a deep understanding of what makes a casino stand out, he reviews everything from the casino floor to dining and entertainment options. In his blog, he shares candid insights and experiences from his visits to various casino resorts, offering invaluable tips for anyone looking to elevate their casino experience.

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