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Black Diamond Slots: Game Review and Tips for Playing Online

Lucas Grant EatWatchGambleWritten by:
Updated: February 28th, 2024

Get ready for some serious fun with Black Diamond Online Slots! If you’re looking for excitement and thrill, this is the perfect destination for you. With thrilling games and exciting rewards, you won’t be able to resist joining the action. Let’s get spinning the reels!

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Black Diamond Slots Review

This is a timeless classic in real-world casinos as well as online casinos. There’s a reason it’s stuck around for so long – it’s amazing! Graphics aren’t as animated and engaging as other slots, but it still rates high in other areas.

Overall Rating:




Payouts and RTP:


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Black Diamond Slots Pros

  • Progressive jackpots
  • Sizeable payouts
  • Multipliers boost your winnings
  • Available at every online casino site

Black Diamond Slots Cons

  • Limited amount of pay lines
  • Marginally lower chance of winning
  • Minimum bet of 0.25 credits

Key Takeaways from Our Review of Black Diamond Slots

Black Diamond Slots is a popular game that has a classic hit. Its progressive jackpots mean that the pot grows each time you play which leads to bigger potential winnings. It also has multipliers to further boost your winnings which can mean you’ll win big payouts.

While the classic game has its appeal, some players might want more pay lines and coin bonuses that are part of more contemporary slot games. Additionally, the game has a slightly reduced chance for players to win as compared with other slots as well as a minimum bet required of 0.25 credits.

Black Diamond slots have exploded in popularity as online gambling has become legal over the last few years. While there is no shortage of slot games, the Black Diamond slot game offers a style of play similar to classic Las Vegas slots. While they lack the flash and bonuses of other online slots, they have plenty of features that make them a popular choice for real-money gambling.

We have you covered if you are looking for online casinos that offer Black Diamond slots. Here is a list of our favorites and some information to help you get started.

DraftKings Online Casino

When you want the thrill of the double-bar symbols scrolling across the screen, DraftKings‘ Black Diamond slot is a great choice. Not only do they have Black Diamond casino slots in their online casino, they actually have hundreds of titles. You don’t have to limit yourself to a single slot, no, you can play as many games as you want, whenever you want.

What we love the most about DraftKings is their hefty welcome bonuses. When you use one of their promo codes you can get more bonus cash to increase your chances of getting the blue triple sevens or even a bonus round. Go and play Black Diamond at DraftKings and win big!

WynnBet Online Casino

Another powerhouse of an online casino that offers Black Diamond slots is none other than WynnBet. This online casino has great promotions as well and you can get extra bonus cash when signing up with one of their promo codes. But what we really love about WynnBet is the sheer number of options they offer when playing Black Diamond slots. You can choose from different versions of the game, including Double Diamond and Triple Diamond.

In addition to the classic version of Black Diamond slots, you can also play a few progressive jackpot versions of the game on WynnBet. This means that your wins can be bigger than ever before! Whether you are looking for classic slots or progressive jackpots, WynnBet is an excellent online casino to get started with.

BetMGM Online Casino

Ready to jump into Black Diamond and snag up some daily Las Vegas challenges? BetMGM is the place to go. Not only do they have Black Diamond slots, but they also offer multiple versions of classic Las Vegas games.

You can play a range of exciting slot machines, such as Wheel of Fortune and Jurassic World, as well as take advantage of their daily challenges. With BetMGM, you have access to an enormous selection of games and generous bonus promotions to help you get started.

The Pros and Cons of Black Diamond Slot Games

There is no shortage of online slots available through the major online casinos. Many have features like exciting coin bonuses or mini-games to help you boost your winnings. Black Diamond casino slots don’t offer that, but they have plenty of benefits that make them popular among players.

If you are considering trying out a Black Diamond slot machine, check out these pros and cons to determine if it is the right slot game for you.

Pros of playing Black Diamond slot games

The progressive jackpots are one of the most significant benefits of playing a Black Diamond slot machine game. Those are jackpots that grow each time a round is played. These can lead to massive payouts when the jackpot is eventually hit, making it an exciting option.

Black Diamond slot games also offer multipliers to help increase your winnings. That means a specific pay line or symbol will be boosted, which can lead to big winnings. Black Diamond games don’t offer the same pay line options as other slot games, but the multipliers help ensure you can still win big.

Another pro of playing a Black Diamond slot machine is nostalgia. They have all the bells and coin noises that make you feel like you’re in an old Las Vegas casino. Some of the newer slot games on online casinos are fun, but they don’t even feel like real slots. Black Diamond is a perfect choice if you want an authentic slot experience.

Cons of playing Black Diamond slot games

The most common complaint about Black Diamond games is the limited amount of pay lines. Most slots now over dozens of pay line options, but Black Diamond has just three reels with nine pay lines. While that makes it easier to understand, it reduces your chances of winning.

Speaking of chances to win, a Black Diamond slot machine has a lower win percentage than the average slot game. It’s not far off the average, but the game trades the lower percentage for larger payouts. That means you won’t have as many wins but could win more money than in other games.

Some players complain about the cost of playing a Black Diamond slot machine. The minimum bet is 0.25 credits, and you must place a max bet on all nine pay lines to qualify for the major progressive jackpot. That can be expensive, and is why some players prefer other slot games.

Black Diamond Slot Machine Gameplay

Black Diamond slot games are among the easiest to understand. That is because they offer just three reels with nine possible pay lines. That makes it one of the most simplistic line slot machines you’ll find at an online casino. You simply choose the amount for each pay line bet and spin the reels.

While winning happens less than in other slot games, the payouts can be far larger. Each symbol on a Black Diamond slot machine has a different value that determines match payouts. The game uses classic slot symbols such as the BAR, 7’s, and diamonds. You can find the value for each symbol listed on the Black Diamond casino of your choosing.

Progressive Jackpots

If you want to hit a major jackpot, you must place a maximum bet on all nine lines. It can be expensive, but the payouts can be considerable with progressive jackpots. Be sure to check the game details before playing, as there is a difference.

Betting the max on all lines is expensive for Black Diamond games, so always be sure to bet within your means. Don’t fall into the habit of just clicking “max bet” every time, as that is a quick and painful way to run through your bankroll.

The Black Diamond symbol

As the name suggests, the Black Diamond symbol is the most important. When you have a max bet, matching three Black Diamond symbols will win you the progressive jackpot. This can be on any of the nine lines bets and will lead to a massive payout.

If you don’t bet the max, the Black Diamond serves as a wild symbol. That means it can be matched with any other symbol, giving you an increased chance at a winning combination. While you won’t qualify for the progressive jackpot, the ability to use the Black Diamond as a wild symbol increases your chances of winning.

Playing Black Diamong Slot Machine Games Responsibly

Many gamblers don’t view slot games as a serious threat to their bankroll, but the Black Diamond games certainly can be. Since the minimum bet is 0.25 credits, you will end up spending far more than you would with other online slot games.

This is especially true if you are chasing the progressive jackpot. Even with just nine pay lines available, the high cost to play makes placing the max line bet expensive. While you have a solid chance at good payouts, you are getting fewer pay lines.

We always recommend setting up a firm money management plan before you begin playing. As with all online slot games, it is easy just to hit the max bet button every time. While this adds excitement, it can also be a quick way to drain your account. Setting a budget can help prevent that and ensure you always have fun playing Black Diamond slots.

Black Diamond Online Slot Game FAQ

Is Black Diamond legit?

Yes, Black Diamond is a legitimate online slot game that is available in all states that allow online casinos. If you don’t live in one of those states, you find them for free on most social casino gaming sites.

Are Black Diamond slot machine games fair?

Absolutely, online casinos use random number generators to make sure everyone has a fair chance. While the odds are lower than most online slots, they still meet state regulations.

How do I win a Black Diamond progressive jackpot?

You can win a Black Diamond progressive jackpot by betting the maximum bet for each pay line. You can win amazing jackpots if the correct symbols match on any line.

Who makes Black Diamond slots?

The online Black Diamond slot machine game was made by Pragmatic Play. They released Black Diamond slots in 2016. Since then, it’s been a tremendous success.

What is Black Diamond slot machine?

Black Diamond is a classic online slot machine game that allows players to win larger jackpots while providing a nostalgic slot machine experience.

How do you play Black Diamond slots?

Black Diamond is a 3-wheel slot game with 9 payout lines. You can hit the progressive jackpot by getting three black diamond symbols on lines 1-8 with a max bet. If you don’t get 3 black diamond symbols and only hit one on a pay-line, it becomes a wild.